In 2016, Halfrin was awarded "The advanced production &service enterprise of national uniforms ".

Shanghai Halfrin Clothing &Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2001,is a professional and leading school uniform enterprise in Shanghai. The factory is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu and there are three branches respectively located in Jiangsu, Beijing, Anhui. The company has been focused on the field of uniforms for 16 years.Halfrin has a good reputation in the field of uniform.

Halfrin’s school uniforms are designed for the character of student groups, they won’t lead to pilling or color fading problem or deformed.They can be worn better, retain their shape, and withstand repeated washings. We constantly strive for excellence on every process from the cotton, thread, yarn and cloth to clothing.


Nowadays, individualized school uniforms are becoming a trend, especially in large international schools and some well-known institutions, most of them are willing to choose a professional school uniforms enterprise to design.Halfrin follows the trend of the times, and gradually formed its own design philosophy with 16 years’ experience.


From the picking of cotton to the dyeing of the fabric, from the design to the pattern, from the system equipment to the quality inspection, Halfrin has its own first-class production lines, mature digital quality control, scientific and sound management mechanism,so that we can ensure the high quality of every piece of clothing.

High-quality raw materials

Halfrin chooses long-staple cotton fiber and high-quality low-elastic yarn.

Selected accessory

Halfrin selected high-quality accessories such as zippers, buttons, woven label, etc., and cooperated with large manufacturer.

Refined weaving technology

Halfrin preferred advanced equipment and excellent manufacturing facilities

Environment-friendly dye

Halfrin preferred large-scale dyeing factory in China to ensure the quality and safety of dyeing.

Seiko manufacturing

Halfrin own over 6,000 square meters of manufacturing base, it also cooperate with foreign trade and brand manufacturers.

Comprehensive inspection

Halfrin insisted on inspecting the whole products, which are in accordance with the new standard of school uniform inspection.


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We will go into the study of each school's business needs to customize a more targeted service plan, so that our services can also be tailored for every school.

Professional sales consultant

Provide professional product designing scheme

Full-course tracking service, providing one-stop butler service

1 To 1 sales consultant

To meet the small orders and service needs, Halfrin introduced school uniforms store into the campus.

Display the characteristics of school culture and management philosophy, disseminate school the influence of school brand.

Uniform shop

Order Method: Offline purchase& Taobao& Wechat

Parents and students can purchase on both Taobao page and WeChat platform.

Taobao& Wechat E-store

ERP management system provide convenient, quick and accurate taking delivery

ERP system management collects each student's purchase information and makes everyone enjoy VIP service.

ERP Barcode Packaging Systems

Provide free consultation for parents, students and schools

7*24h toll-free customer service hotline

Toll-free customer service hotline

Professional design

Seiko manufacturing

Accurate service

System service provider

Serve over 50 million students

16 Districts
250+ Cooperative institutions
40%+ Key high school
15%+ Elite schools



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